Seminars & Workshops

Following seminars, training camps and events are scheduled so far for 2019:

  • 9th Febuary: Push Hands for Competition – Örebro, Sweden

  • 2nd March: Swedish National Wushu Championships – Stockholm, Sweden

  • 31st may – 2nd June: Wudang PTCC & Evotraining Event – “Zi Ran – By Itself So”: Tuscany, Italy

  • 28 – 30th June 2019: Aqua Venice –  Venice Italy

  • 31 July  – 4th August: Borghamn Wudang Summer Camp

  • 11 – 13th October: Netherlands Wudang Training Seminar – Vlissingen, Netherlands

  • 19 – 20th October: Wudang PTCC Full Curriculum Seminar – Lyngby, Denmark

  • December: Prague Wudang PTCC Full Curriculum Seminar: Prague, Czech Republic


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