Assignements & results:
Level 9 – Yu The Fool –  Principal Instructor Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan International

European Champion Handform Wu Tai Chi Chuan 2001, Holland
European Champion Handform, Sabre, Spear, Fixed Step and Moving Step Pushing Hands 2012, Italy
Gold medal Chinese Full contact San Shou, British Open 2004, Oxford UK
Gold medal Open Weaponform British Open 2002, Oxford UK
Gold medal Tai Chi Chuan Handform & Push Hands Danish Open, 2000, Denmark
Coached and taught a number of students to become champions in international competitions

Teacher Hannover Pushing Hands Days, Germany
Teacher Tai Chi Caledonia, Scotland
Teacher Rencontres Jasnieres, France
Teacher North Sea Tai Chi Festival, Holland
Teacher Swedish national Aikido Camp 2008, Sweden
Organiser of the annual Swedish Tai Chi Open since 2003
Organiser of the European Championship in Tai Chi Chuan 2008, Sweden
Head judge Dutch Tai Chi Open, Holland
Teacher Prague Pushing Hands Days 2012, Czech Republic
Teacher Barcelona Tai Chi Meeting 2013, Spain
Teacher Tyrolean Tai Chi Festival 2012, 2013, Italy
Teacher Tui Shou & San Shou Danish Summercamp 2016
Judge British Open Tai Chi Chuan Championships, Oxford GB

Executive Board member European Tai Chi & Qi Gong Federation

National Coach & Organizer of Referee training in Pushing Hands – Swedish Wushu Federation.

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