PTCC Flyer 2014

Address: Tornhagsskolans Gymnastikhall


At the moment we do not have any separate beginner classes, if you are interested in joining us please contact Paul at for further information. Previous experience from martial arts is usually required.


Sundays 19.30 – 21.00

  • Dao Chuan – Handform
  • Tui Shou – Pushing Hands
  • San Shou – Applications
  • Bing Qi – Weapons; Sabre, Spear and Sword

Wednesdays 08.00 – 09.00 at Ryds Motionscentrum

  • Handforms & Weaponforms

1300:-  per semester for 2 classes/week
200:- membership fee payed once every year

Training & membership fee:
In cash or bank transfer to
Yin Shu Enterprise
BG: 5441-5997
When the fee is payed, please send an email to and drop your name, address, phone number and the amount payed.

Drop-in price available:  1 class – 120:-.

If there are questions or if you would like more information please email or call: 0708-939 176

Hope to see you in the new semester!





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