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Paul Silfverstråle

Welcome to my blog. This place is for my students, sisters and brothers in the art and anyone else interested in Neijia-related topics.

I have been studying asian martial arts for about 30 years by now,  in pursuing this path it has taken me all around the globe and connected me with some amazing people along the way. It literally changed my life.
After a successful competition career in Forms, Pushing Hands and San Shou i now teach Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan all over Europe.


Sifu Dan Docherty


Sifu Dan performing Shi San Shi Spear Form


Sigong Cheng Tin-hung

My lineage comes from sifu Dan Docherty – Cheng Tin-hung
(鄭天熊). I have trained with sifu Dan since 1998, and regard myself extremely fortunate to have one of the few genuine teachers out there. He has made all the difference for me. Shortly after meeting sifu Dan I went to stay in SE Asia for a couple of years.

Long sifu pushing hands

long in singapore 1960s

Long sifu pushing hands


I lived in Malaysia where i trained and studied with sifu Long Wei-tak (龍維德) who was indoor student of Cheng Wing-kwong (鄭榮光), who in turn was indoor student of Wu Jianquan. I regard sifu Long as my grand old uncle in the lineage.


Zhang San-feng



In Hong Kong the style was known as “Cheng”-style, and “Practical Tai Chi Chuan”.
Sigong Cheng chose the name “Wudang” attributing the art of Tai Chi to Zhang San-feng, the taoist hermit who resided in the mountain area Wudang Shan. This took place way before the “wave” of Wudang martial arts we see today.

My involvement in Tai Chi in Europe eventually led to being a member of the executive board of the TCFE.

The martial arts additionally brought me into the healing arts of Asia, and i became a TCM acupuncturist through studies in Malaysia, China and Sweden.
To me Tai Chi Chuan is the art of life itself, and although teaching and training it as the  effective martial art it is meant to be, there are so much more to explore on this journey…so if you are up for it – join me!

“Empty yourself, eyes clear and hands ready…”

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