Summer camp in Sweden 2023!

Empty yourself, eyes clear & hands ready.

It is time again!

Join us for 5 days of intensive training in Forms, Pushing Hands, Applications, Drills, Sparring, Nei Kung, theory and discussions. Last few years we had participants from Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Besides the formal syllabus, this year will be focused on the sub-systems within our style in particular Gyrating Arms, Running Thunder Hands and Flying Flower Palm. If you are up for additional Nei Kung exercises this is the place and time.
We will spend thorough time revising Fomrs and our foundational drills putting weight on the qualitative aspect connecting the “inner” with the “outer” aspects. This will mean focus on Hand form, our traditional Weapons, Pushing Hands, Nei Kung and Applications from the vantage point mentioned. For those interested and where it is applicable there will be instructor teaching, discussing methodology and using models for learning and teaching.

The camp is open for everyone – from beginners to advanced students and teachers.

We will dig broad and deep into the “Square, Triangle & Circle” of the style.

Camp location will be just south of Linköping at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård, location:


We have rented a house for all days at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård,

The common house accomodation is prorotized for those staying for the full camp (4 nights).
There are 4 double rooms with access to sauna, showers, dressing rooms and kitchen and a common space.
It is possible arrange 2 extra beds, so in total maximun 10 beds. If these are occupied, or if you prefer so, you can book a single or double room at the conference center directly (this is not in the house we have rented, but in a building 20 meters from it. Link is found below).

You book your spot in the houese by contacting me at together with your registration through the Google Forms – link at the end of this information.

As beds are limited in this rented common accommodation – first registered, first served.
Book your place asap, when the house is full, we kindly ask you to book hotel room directly with any of the providers in the list below. Note that the training camp will be at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård, but the other hotels/motels are in the vicinity.

Common house Cost (prices include accomodation only).

Double room (sharing with another person): 400 SEK/night (4 nights – 1600 SEK)

Single room 800 SEK/night (4 nights – 2400 SEK)

In case the house is full we kindly ask you to arrange your accommodation directly with any of the places below. Again – observe that we will train at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård, but the other hotels/motels are in the vicinity.

They are:

Vårdnäs Stiftsgård Hotell & Konferens (the place for the training camp)
Here you can also book a space for your mobile home for 200 SEK/night.

Sundsmåla Gård
Phone: 0046 13 450 82

Rimforsa Strand

Rimforsa Motell

If/when you register directly with Vårdnäs Stiftsgård – make sure you stat that you are part of the Tai Chi Chuan Camp with Paul Silfverstråle

For those who wish to camp/tent/caravan – please contact me directly for solutions.

Food & drink
You provide your own food & drinks – there are plenty of convenience stores nearby, and usually we arrange shopping together.
For dinner the usual solution is barbecuing over open fire.

Training camp fee
5 days 3000 SEK
4 days 2600 SEK
3 days 2000 SEK
2 days 1400 SEK
1 day 1000 SEK

Training camp fee is paid in cash (SEK) on the spot the first day of attendance.

Auxiliary information

There are shops & petrol station in nearby Rimforsa, Bestorp and Brokind.
Systembolag, pharmacy and bigger supermarket is found in Kisa and Linköping.

So you can easily buy food and other necessities from day to day if you choose to do so.

Last day to register is July 17th.
You register by the link below:


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