Summercamp 2022!

Empty yourself, eyes clear & hands ready..

It is time again!

Join us for 5 days of intensive training in Forms, Pushing Hands, Applications, Drills, Sparring, Nei Kung, theory and discussions. Last few years we had participants from Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

This year will be focused on the core syllabus of the style. As our teacher sifu Dan passed away it is of importance and obvious that there is a need to go into the more structural parts of the school so that things do not get confused or lost over time. Thus main focus will be on deeper understanding of the 5 pillars of Tai Chi Chuan and making sure that we are clear over this blue print. Thus will mean focus on Handform, Weapons, Pushing Hands, Nei Kung and Applications from the vantage point mentioned. The “why, how and what” of the style. Camp location will be south of Linköping and will be confirmed shortly.

More information will be up within a few weeks – but save the date!

Time: 27 – 31 of July

Place: Just south of Linköping, Sweden

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