Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain.

Our Sifu passed on to higher realms.
Known as the Tai Chi Gladiator, Dan devoted his life to Tai Chi Chuan and made an unforgettable and eternal imprint on the art.

Structured yet innovative, and a will power i never saw in anyone else.
He was the most “real” person i ever knew.

His initiatives and relentless efforts for Tai Chi on a big European scale was unpreceeded, and i am very proud to have been part of that process.

He was a true renaissance man, a master with the sword and the pen.
He had an uncanny eye for spotting talent, and a gift and a drive to bring out the best in his students – on so many levels.
He took me and so many other with him to China in search of the origins of Tai Chi Chuan.
He was a man of action.

He brought thousands of people together, and through those bonds we will proceed to spread the art and the knowledge. That is indeed true transmisson, and the way a man becomes an Immortal.

I will miss you Dan.

Requiensce in peace.


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