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My approach
What is Tai Chi Chuan?
My teacher once said that it is philosophy in action.
And indeed it depends on how you define it. If you look at the written history of Tai Chi Chuan it is clear that it is a martial art, dealing to a great  extent with tactics and strategical thinking. But it also true that the art deals with philosophy, medicine and hygenic routines, internal alchemy and spirituality. It makes it a fascinating and confusing practice. Although i work professionally with natural movement quality and health related issues, my main focus teaching Tai Chi Chuan is teaching it as a practical martial art.

I see tai Chi Chuan as a martial art that, correctly practiced, will benefit all parts of life.
All traditions are methods, not an end result. They can lead you somewhere if you are continous, have perserverance and curiosity. Practice does not automatically make perfect, quality of practice is vital else the path can lead to a fatal place. Especially in a martial context. That is where a teacher or mentor comes in. It is only you who can do the actual training, but a good teacher can guide you, and sometimes trick you into places outside of your comfort zone. That is usually where the magic happens, although it is difficult to see it at the time being.

Tactically the idea must be the lowest amount of risk combined with the highest reward. No matter if we consider self-defence or movment quality, that must be the common nominator in what we do.
This is my take on the tradition i practice and my main focus is to connect the dots into an integrated whole.
The symbols chosen for the different tiers here are useful symbols for different stages of progression. And of course they are classic themes in both western and oriental symbolism and philosophy. The square can be seen as representing basics and structure, the triangle as the approach and technical skill and the circle as freedom where you jam, spar or in self defence have to deal with the unknown. The shapes are also the Why, How and What in our practice.

Here i will discuss, share insights, post tips and ideas for practice and training. If questons arise i will do my best to adress them, and there will also be occasions for discussions of various subjects and themes.
I am really a “hands-on-teacher” and practitioner and i regard this as a creative place where we can connect, inspire and progress together. For students who already train with me it can serve as an addition and support to the practial training, If there is geographical distance it will help to keep up the continuitiy, inspiration and gives us opportunity to adress things between the real life seminars. If we have never met it can be a good opportunity to get an introduction to the style, or the strategies and drillls might be something that will help to develop your own martial arts practice and your thinking about what you already are doing.
Some of my biggest revelations came when training with practitioners from other arts.

I hope you will enjoy my page and that our interaction can expand the way you think about your your martial arts practice. We are all part of it´s evolution into the future and i hope you will join me!
Your support is very much appreciated.

Stay safe, keep the practice up and hope to see you!

“Empty yourself, eyes clear and hands ready…”

You can find the page HERE!


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