Bestorp Practical Tai Chi Chuan Summercamp 4 – 8 august 2021!

It is time again!

Join us for 5 days of intensive training in Forms, Pusing Hands, Applications, Drills, Sparring, Nei Kung, theory and discussions. Last few years we had participants from Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

4 – 8 august you are invited to 5 days of practical Tai Chi Chuan training, good company, discussions, theory, bathing
This time we will be at Bestorp, 30 minutes south of Linköping.

This year there will be possibilities to join by Zoom on a few sessions for those who don´t have possibilities to join IRL.

We will practice in some different locations, but our base is our own old cottage houses. The buildings are from 17th century so it is a bit different and picturesque, but simple and Under these conditions bed places are limited to 8 people all and all, and it means you need to share rooms with each other.

There are water and electricity, fridge, simple stove, incinerating toilet and outdoor shower. A big lake suitable for swimming and bathing is 10 minutes away.

Because of limited amount of bed places we apply first registerd – first served

Accommodation alternatives within 20 minutes from the training venue are:

Vårdnäs Stiftsgård, where we also will be training some of the days and have lunch/dinner.

Sundsmåla Gård  trivsamt boende på hästgård.

Vesterby Hotell  Hotel at the Vesterby Golf range.

Rimforsa Strand  

Storgården Rimforsa

There are also possibilities to camp with tent or camper at the training ground.

4 – 8 august


Bestorp Storgård
Bestorp Gamla By

There are grocery shops nearby, small stove to cook, plates and cutlery, barbeque evening time as usual.


All 5 days: 2600:- (including lodging)

1200 kronor for two days or 650 kronor per day.

If you have accomodataion in another place or camp, fee is 2100:-
Currency is in swedish kronor.

Last day of registration is 24 july.
Registration is made by email:

If you have inquiries, please contact me at
or by phone: +46 708 939 176

Hope to see you!!

“Empty yourself, eyes clear & hands ready..”


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