Anthony Bourdain writings on training

I really, really liked Anthony Bourdaine. His wit, his transparent way of telling stories whether it be food, drug addiction or political matters. He had thisnatural way of meeting people where the are at.

Here are his writings on BJJ, that he wrote for 4 years anonymously. Really great stuff, that anyone raised in any martial arts tradition can recognize. It is also admirable being closer to 60 getting into this game. As anyone who really has been training knows, there are certain things happening with you as an individual, and your training partner, and the group in which you practice. When you cross hands in pugilistic arts there are things happening on a physical, mental and emotional level no matter if it is fists, throws, locks or kicks.

On a basic level it is one of the best, and allround workouts that immideately teaches you howto deal with your body and mind under somepressure that you can find out there. Building robustness. This is what you want in life. Robustness having resources to meetwhatever is coming your way out there.

What are you waiting for?

It is never too late.


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