Borghamn Wudang Summer Camp 2018!

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1 – 5 august 2018!
It is that time again!!
Join us at this great event that draws more and more attention every year. Last few years we had participants from Denmark, France, Italy, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Prepare for intensive training, good company and a great time.
From dawn til dusk classes of  Nei Kung, Handforms, Weapons, Applications, Pushing Hands, sparring, Chi Kung, auxiliary training and theory.

We will work with specific themes, especially triangulating the aspects of  timing – distance – positioning in everthing we do this year. Sounds easy? Well, it is often ovelooked and results in poor performance of techniques and ability.

There will be a specific sword group working with forces – form – application this year. Requirements for this group is to know the “Tai Ji Qian Kun Jian” Form of our lineage.

The main focus in my way of teaching is to “connect the dots”. We have “Five Pillars of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan” and not seldom they are not as related as they should be in our everyday practice. Practically this means to switch between a micro & macro level when working with techniques, methods and principles.
Methods can vary, principles are few.

The venue is Borghamns Vandrarhem, just at the beach of big lake Vättern. Omberg mountain is very nearby and the popular city of Vadstena where one of Swedens best preserved castles from the 15th century is located. It is well worth a visit!

Accomodation and fees
For those prefering staying at the hostel prices are:
Dormitory 195 kronor/night
Double room 450 kronor/night
Single room 290 kronor/night

Tent 100 kronor/night

Breakfast buffet is 60 swedish kronor.

Camp fee (training) is 2000 kronor for 5 days.
1000 kronor for two days or 550 kronor per day.

Places for barbeque and campfire is available and as usual probably used alot.
There are fridges, stoves and showers to use as you wish.

It is high season so book your accomodation well in advance. Hostel info and booking can be found here (there is no need to book if you intend to camp/tent):

Last day of registration is July 20th 2018.
Camp/training fee is payed in cash at the spot.
Fees for tents, accomodation, breakfast etc are dealt with directly with the hostel.

Detailed camp schedule will be sent to participants 2 weeks before the camp.

The cities of Ödeshög and Vadstena is located nearby and that´s where you get your food and necesseties needed.

Closest airport is Linköping Airport where both SAS and KLM operate. During the summer Czech Airlines is also flying this destination.
Lufthansa/BMI is flying betwwen Frankfurt and Jönköping which is also quite close to the venue of the training camp.

Questions, further info and registration:

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