Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan on Brennan translations.

Since we are doing Wudang some things are related. Some are not. We are not doing Wu style Tai Chi Chuan although some people want to categorize us there.
There are too many parts of what we are doing that cannot be found within the Wu style. These parts come from my teachers teachers second teacher Qi Min xuan.
Having said that, it is still valuable to trace history. As always with translations of the chinese language it is a slippery slope, and in the end comes down to the translators practical experience and practical understanding. Especially when dealing with fighting concepts and strategy.
While some of Brennans translations are a bit off, he is still doing an important and impressive job with all these texts and manuals from olden times.
More of the Wu Jianquan lineage can be found on his website. It is well worth checking out.


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