Hot weather and a full day of San Shou!


Had a good session today with some of my senior students –  Saar Avivi, Robert Åsbacka and Roberts student Karl Schultz.
San Shou incorporating techniques and principles in our style. Working with timing and certain drills designed to develop the fighting skills. The main principle is that the concepts and principles in Pushing Hands, Forms and Nei Kung is the same as in fighting/sparring. What most TCC practitioners miss out on is this connection, working with Forms and Tui Shou and when it comes to the martial part they go into “kick boxing mode” mainly working at kick/striking distance. In TCC we have a massive amount of techniques designed for throws, sweeps and take downs. But to be able to perform them when under pressure and against an “unwilling” opponent you need to start off using a slower pace and less contact to be able to build confidence and correct reactions when it come down to timing, distance and positioning.
It goes without saying – conditioning, hard contact, stamina, speed, endurance, footwork, power generation…all these things need to be trained. But by only focussing on the manifestation (fighting) there will be no real long term skill development. Very martial perhaps, but not necessarily very art-/skillful. Just putting on the gloves and “brawl” will be just like the Tai Chi Chuan classics say:
“…Without exception, they amount to nothing more than the strong bullying the weak;
The slow surrendering to the fast
The powerful beating those without power;
Slow hands surrendering to fast hands;
This is entirely due to innate natural ability
It is not related to having learned the
skilful use of Li (strength) at all.”

Wishing you all a great summer and hope to see you either at the Summer Camp in Halmstad with sifu Dan, or at my own intensive outdoor camp at Omberg in august.

Train well!


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