7th TCFE European Championships 2015


On 10 -12 April, it was time for the seventh edition of the European Championships in Taiji & Neijia. During extremely competent and experienced guidance of Sifu Dan Docherty participants from across Europe gathered in Oxford to test their skills.
I myself was there as a judge and board member of the European federation and was engaged judging  Weapons- and Hand Forms the whole weekend. The Swedish team was (as usual) strong and took home nothing but gold and silver medals in pushing hands and full contact.
Generally, the standards have risen significantly since I started my own competition career. Today you see more matches where the technical level is very high.
Many thanks to all participants, judges, officials and Sifu Dan for a great event.

You can find Ronnie Robinsons report from the event here:
And loads of photos:
1597401_10204153372103104_3376074632248188869_o 10956355_10204153383823397_3802330282669995084_o 10985299_10204158126221954_4854079413770515403_n 11000123_10204153381623342_7782798614968246857_o 11109427_10204158223704391_1495105017255529142_n 11129544_10152605112286910_8029503809713732735_n

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