Prague the Golem City


The Prague Meeting


Sifu Dan – Swing Fist.


Tomasz Nowakowski teaching.


Robert Amacker


Bartosz Samitowski


Roland von Loefen

In September, I visited for the third time the Push Hands Meeting in Prague. Teachers on the spot this time were Robert Amacker, Roland von Loefen, Tomasz Nowakowski, Bartosz Samitowski, my own teacher, Dan Docherty and myself.
In addition to participants from the Czech Republic there were also practitioners from Poland, England, Israel and Russia. One can safely say that it is an international event.
All teachers engaged in specific themes during the mornings, while the afternoons were dedicated to open pushing hands training. The range offered great variety in both style and focus. Everything from the structural training and sensitivity to self-defense was available. My classes were focussed on the five close quarter strategies mentioned in the Tai Chi classics; Mian Lian, Nian, Sui and Bu Diu Ding.


Paul Silfverstråle

The purpose of my classes was to make clear how our basic training in foot work, mobility and Pushing Hands is associated with the actual execution of the applications and self-defense. I had good crowds that were extremely attentive and focused.
The Gala night demonstrations ranged from Swedish high heels performance in Form to weapons and Nei Kung test.
According to tradition some of the meals were taken at the restaurant Svejk. Some Becherovka was added. To promote digestion naturally.
During a quick tour of the old city with my Czech pupil Petr we probably glimpsed the Golem – one example of the intriguing history of this place i will look into it further when i return for the december Wudang weekend seminar.

Over the years, this event has proven to be of high international standard and the location is clearly perfect. I would definitley recommend a visit if you have not been here yet, and i hope the meeting will prosper and continue to grow.
Many thanks to the organizers, helpers, visitors and colleagues!

More info and media can be found here: Prague Push Hands Meeting


The Golem


Open Pushing Hands


7 Star Step


Sifu Dan´s class


Sifu Dan, Emma and me.

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