San Shou

Despite common colds, “man flu´s”, plague and other diseases the remaining 4 brave payed a brief visit to the “house of pain”. Big thanks to the participants at today s Tai Chi Chuan San Shou seminar.
We linked orthodox applications to free pushing hands and san shou. Pyramid training in technique and combinations. Die Pu, Da Shou, Qin Na and Shuai Jiao. Finishing off with 20 minutes of Running Thunder Hands.
It was a good day.
Here are some captures.20140412_144400_4 20140412_154346_1 20140412_155609 20140306_174835 20140412_091617 20140412_101423_5 20140412_102624_1 20140412_112100_2 20140412_144348_1 20140412_144349_2


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