Classes Tai Chi Chuan – Autumn 2013


12 week Beginner course – start monday 19/8
Mondays 18.15 – 19.45

  • Handform; posture, relaxation – tension, breathing
  • Basic Pushing Hands; partner exercises
  • Basic Applications; practical application of movements

Registration to no later than 12/8 2013
Fee: 1600:- incl. VAT.
Register before 1/8 and get 15% off!

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Advanced Closed Group Start 22/8
Thursdays 18.15 – 19.45
Forms, Applications, SanShou, Weapons, Pushing Hands
For more information contact me at

Practical Tai Chi Chuan Wu Guan
Bergqvist Frisvårdsutbildningar
Bangårdsgatan 6 A, 582 77 Linköping

Training & membership fees payed to:
Yin Shu Enterprise
BG: 5441-5997
When the fee is payed, please send an email to and drop your name, address, phone number and the amount payed.

If there are questions or if you would like more information please mail or call: 0708-939 176

Hope to see you after the summer!!

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