Amsterdam Spear & Pushing Hands Seminar

IMG_0311The spear group in Amsterdam.

“”Obstruct and cut, rapid and intense, in the midst of fullness, conceal emptyness.
 Like a snake coiling and striking; or like a willow tree swaying in the wind.
In the finest stage, the changes can be infinitive.”

Experpt from Tai Chi Sabre, Sword and Spear by Cheng Tin Hung & Dan Docherty”

On April 20 to 21st, we carried out the second spear seminar in Amsterdam. One of the days was focussed on pushing hands training, but linking that to the principles from the spear.
The seminar was organized by Ceciel Kroes herself  practicing for WIlliam CC Chen. The group consisted of individuals with different training backgrounds, and the first goal was to get familiar with the spear form. It is kind of a “crash-course” and the pace is high, sometimes challenging, but i can see the progress students from previous seminar in october 2012 made. We started to work with the concept of “Gyrating Arms” within the partner exercise of Circling Spears. This builds a sense of distance, position and timing before taking it to pure application level. Within the applications we started to deal with the diffrent forces of the spear. This is important work since this knowledge is required to bring out the carachteristics of the weapon, making it effective in practice. This something we will continue working with in october when the next seminar will take place.
It is a pleasure to work with students keen and willilng to learn and most of all do practice. Looking forward meeting familiar faces and new ones in october!

Here is the Shi San Shi Spear form we are workin on, here filmed at the 1st Push Hands meeting in Prague 2012:

IMG_0327Pushing Hands

The Pushing Hands training was focused on moving step – footwork and mobility, as well as getting applications from Handform to work under little more stress than usual. I always try to work with a few solid principles that is trained in some of the traditional exercises we have, such as Seven Star Step, Reeling Silk and Nine Palace. By practicing these basics you create the base to get the techniques working. Very often there is a lot more to be desired in terms of footwork and positioning, something i stress alot. We also started to work a bit with sweeps and takedowns, which we will continue in the autumn seminar.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved – Ceciel Kroes who arrange these seminars, Saar Avivi who assisted and especially you who came to practice. Good job and I look forward to next time.

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